Two-Piece Caramel Taster


Petite and splendid treat!

Spice up your day with the Mother Peach Two-Piece Caramel Taster. Say hello to our two most popular flavors with a sample of our Old-Fashioned Caramel and our Chocolate Caramel.


An introduction to caramel perfection. Mother Peach’s Caramel Taster gives you one piece of our smooth Old-Fashioned Caramel and one piece of our Chocolate Caramel, the perfect blend of rich, dark chocolate and sweet, buttery caramel.

Mother Peach crafts caramels from scratch using a recipe perfected over the past thirty years. At first, she indulged her family and friends with these confections, but now they are available for everyone to try!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 sampler box of Mother Peach Caramels
  • Contains 1 Chocolate Caramel and 1 Traditional Caramel