Mama’s Best Duo


Two classics, side-by-side: old-fashioned and chocolate caramels

Mother Peach signature caramels will delight your taste buds. Their soft, buttery texture is rich and flavorful. Add chocolate caramels for a winning duo. Indulge yourself and a friend with these deluxe treats.



Enjoy a one pound box of our classic, Old-Fashioned Caramels and a half pound of our Chocolate Caramels in this glorious duo. Our classic caramels bring together rich brown sugar and creamy Oregon butter to create exquisite flavors you’ve never tasted before. Complement this with fudgy, dark chocolate and you’ve got a winning pair.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 gift set of Mama’s Best Duo caramels
  • ¬†Includes 1 box of traditional caramels (1 lb)
  • ¬†1 box of chocolate caramels (0.5 lbs)