Hazelnut Caramel Corn

6 oz


Buttery caramel corn and toasted hazelnuts? A perfect blend!

Mother Peach Hazelnut Caramel Corn is drenched in rich, buttery caramel and tossed with added bits of toasted hazelnuts. This decadent treat is soft and crunchy, and will awaken your sweet tooth like never before! Handmade with exacting standards, it’s perfect for discerning tastes.


Everyone loves caramel corn, but Mother Peach Hazelnut Caramel Corn, with its sweet, crunchy, fluffy balance, will become your favorite treat! This classic combination, handmade the old-fashioned way, will bring back fond memories of your childhood. From the first bite, the heavenly flavors of creamy Oregon butter and toasted hazelnuts will satisfy your taste buds. Pamper a special friend or family member today, and surprise them with a delicious bag of homemade goodness.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 bag of Hazelnut Caramel Corn (6 oz)