Chocolate Obsession Caramels


Indulge your chocolate obsession

Your sweet tooth will thank you when you bite into a Mother Peach chocolate caramel! Sweet and fragrant combine with rich, dark chocolate in a luxurious medley of flavor. Send a beautifully packaged gift to a friend or co-worker, and put a beaming smile on their face!


Mother Peach handmade Chocolate Caramels, are the quintessential treat for chocolate lovers. The fragrance of buttery caramel and taste of rich fudgy chocolate will take your breath away. Once you present them to your guests, they will disappear in short order!

This perfect blend of chocolate and caramel, slowly stirred in small batches, is Mother Peach’s signature boutique confection. Attribute this handcrafted delight to the skillful, patient hands of Cheri Swoboda, founder of Mother Peach Caramels. The rich flavor of fudgy chocolate, sweetness of brown sugar, and creaminess of fresh Oregon butter result in the decadence of these glorious chocolate caramel candies. Don’t wait for a special occasion to order several charmingly packaged gift boxes for yourself and a favorite colleague.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 gift set of Chocolate Obsession Caramels
  • Includes 3 boxes (1 lb, 0.5 lbs, and 3 oz)